Business In A Box Virtual Boot Camp
May 13 - 15, 2021
Sept 16-18, 2021
This is Your Chance to Take Control of  Your Business and
Get on the Fast Track to Real Estate Investment Success!
Taught By The Chaos Elimination Team!
Best of all, If you are viewing this special page, the Boot Camp costs you nothing thanks 
to a previous purchase!
Alan Cowgill 
Business Automation Expert
"Turn your real estate business into a hands-free money machine that runs like a dream!"
About the Event
5 Reasons To Sign Up For the Business In A Box Bootcamp...
1. Alan shows you how to get unshackled from you business

2. Key processes in your business are exposed

3. Key yet simple checklists are explained

4. Covers the whole scope of a real estate business

5. Alan's 5 years as an eMyth coaching student now focused to help your business
Meet The Chaos Elimination Team
Alan Cowgill
Private Lending &
Business Automation Expert
Join me, Alan Cowgill, and my Chaos Elimination team at my Business In A Box Virtual Boot Camp
While it’s true that real estate has produced more millionaires than any other investment vehicle, there are still way too many seasoned and aspiring investors who are seeing their dreams of riches evaporate in a sea of paperwork, office disorganization and mismanagement.
Folks want to get rich in real estate but then fail to take the basic steps to remove CHAOS from their business. You see CHAOS erodes profits and shackles the owner to the business, which robs them from the wealth and future they had hoped for. ALL small businesses have CHAOS because the owners are working in their business rather than working on their business.
For example, there are exactly 30 steps in purchasing a property. Miss one-step and you have just created CHAOS in your business and that is just one example of hundreds of areas we’ll cover at this exciting event.
I'll be covering:
  • Key systems you can implement immediatly after the event
  • Crowdfunding
  • Real Estate System Implementation
  • Real Estate Chaos Elimination Tools & Techniques
  • How to Buy, Fix, Fund, and Sell Real Estate the Easy Way
  • And More!
Letter From Alan
From The Desk Of Alan Cowgill                                                        11:04am

Dear Friend,


If you’re tired of being glued to your phone, trapped in your car, chained to your computer, or buried alive by endless bills and papers, here’s great news!

You too can wave a magic wand and – “VOILA” – turn your real estate business into a hands-free money machine.

It makes no difference if you retail, wholesale, or rent your properties… or do other kinds of deals like lease options or land contracts. If you’re in real estate of any kind, you can put your business on automatic, the same way you put your car on Cruise Control.

The secret is fourfold:

1.    Streamline, delegate, and automate your routines and responsibilities…

2.    Train competent people to take the wheel…

3.    Give them idiot-proof checklist and systems so they never mess up…

4.    Pay them for results…

That’s how big boys like Donald Trump build empires.

I’m best known as a private money expert. But I also spent five years and $114,730 mastering the art of streamlining and automating my business.

I started out like you – trying to do it all myself and constantly overwhelmed

My story started in 1995. I had loads of ambition. But I had no staff, my days were hectic, and I felt overwhelmed by my routines and responsibilities.

From morning to midnight, I was torn in every direction by phone calls, visitors, and meetings with sellers and contractors. I was drowning in a sea of papers demanding my attention. Sound familiar?

Sure, I wanted to be wealthy. But the toll it was taking on my personal and family life was too steep.

So I was thrilled to discover Michael Gerber’s book The Emyth in 1996. According to Gerber, most of us get so busy working IN our businesses that we rarely work ON our businesses.

For example, when you run ads, answer phone calls, inspect properties, and meet with contractors, you’re working IN your business. You’re doing the day-to-day busywork.

But once you get stuck doing all of this “running” in your giant hamster wheel, it’s impossible to see your business from the top down. You can’t grow. You can’t break free. You’ll never take a quantum leap forward.

This problem plagues most entrepreneurs. But as Gerber explains, the founder of McDonalds took the opposite approach: he replaced himself.

He hired others to take the orders, flip the burgers, and scrub down the kitchen. Then he built foolproof systems to ensure they’d never mess up. The rest is history.

Eager to build my own foolproof systems and replace myself, I enrolled in Gerber’s $9,666 per year Emyth coaching program. I also attended over a dozen high-priced conferences and Boot Camps.

Over the course of five years, this professional education cost me $114,730. But you know what – it was worth the investment. Thanks to this training:

·         I wiped out the chaos in my business.

·         I delegated my routines and responsibilities to others.

·         I created foolproof check sheets and systems, so they’d never mess up.

·         I transformed my operation into a hands-free money machine that runs reliably and churns our profits – with or without me.

After implementing what I was taught key parts of my business ran on “automatic”, including:

·         Property acquisitions

·         Sales

·         Lease options

·         Contractor meetings

·         Property management

In one year, my company bought 48 properties, sold 26, and managed 60 rental units. Yet I hardly lifted a finger. That’s because my Acquisitions Manager and my Office Manager, Donna, did all of the work.

My Acquisitions Manager does the buying and selling, makes offers, meets with contractors in the field, and finds people to lease option my houses. Donna handles everything at the office: phone calls, emails, paperwork, filing, and bill paying.

Using my turnkey systems, these two have literally replaced me. They’ve taken over 90% of the routines and responsibilities that used to be mine.

Today my typical “work week” consists of just two visits to the office… an hour-long meeting with

Acquisitions Manager and Donna on Monday, and another 15 minutes signing checks on Wednesday.

Sure, they call or email me a couple of times each day, but that’s it. They basically run my business.

If I wanted to be lazy, I could spend my “work time” playing golf, or taking my grandkids out for ice cream every afternoon. However, my personal choice is to develop new information products and educational programs.

I realized that there was a Fast Track To Freedom if I could duplicate me. The four areas I systematized and created a turnkey system were acquisitions, office management, exit strategies, hiring, and firing.

Let me share why and what I did in each area…

Turnkey acquisitions

When it comes to finding deals, real estate “experts” often recommend yellow page ads, bus signs, place mats, and pens. They also suggest direct mail to landlords, people in foreclosure, out of state owners, and estate attorneys.

Unfortunately, some of these methods are a complete waste of money.

Why take that chance? Why waste years on risky trial and error?

I discovered slam-dunk methods that always bring me desperate, negotiable sellers.

Best of all, delegate all the methods to an Acquisitions Manager.

· Snatch up the hottest REO deals without the laborious research.  Have an ultra-motivated research assistant combing the MLS, crunching the numbers, and finding deals – all without costing a dime.

· Become the king (or queen) of short sales in your county. After making bad loans, banks are desperate to bail out fast. Learn to capitalize on their distress and make out like a bandit. Also discover when in the month (and year) banks are most anxious to get bad loans off their books.

· Don’t flush your money down the toilet with direct mail. Discover which targeted mailings is a pathetic waste of money, and which pay off handsomely. Plus, learn to outsource mailing campaigns.

· Generate a windfall from outdoor signs. After testing and comparing a dozen color and message combinations, one blockbuster sign beat the rest by huge margins.

· Put your outdoor ad campaign on autopilot. Find out who to hire to post signs, how to pay them for results, and how to make sure the signs actually get posted.

On my creative financing deals, I learned to borrow money faster and easier than you ever will from conventional banks. This knowledge is priceless when homeowners need to sell fast.

· Buy the houses you want with no approval process and no loan fees. You can even assume the seller’s low-interest rate. The secret is buying “subject to”. Find out why it’s the favorite method of street smart investors.

· Stay squeaky clean when borrowing from private lenders. I’m a huge fan of borrowing from individuals. But if you neglect to file the right papers with your insurance company, closing agent, or various government agencies, you’re begging for trouble. I’ve created a foolproof Acquisition Checklist to be sure nothing falls through the cracks.

Learn to protect yourself from unwanted surprises.

· Keep your name off public records. I discovered the Land Trust techniques used by millionaires to protect their properties.

· Don’t let “subject to” backfire on you. “Subject to” is great, but what if the seller misunderstands your intentions? What if he wants the house back? What if he gets upset and sues you? Don’t get nailed for overlooking small details at the closing. My iron vault techniques wipe out the risks and liabilities.

· Delegate the above responsibilities to an Acquisitions Manager, and pay him only when he buys and sells a property. The Acquisitions Manager can be the most motivated person you’ve ever hired!

Turnkey office management

Most investors are so busy looking for deals; they drop the ball when it comes to managing their office, workers, lenders, and tenants.

To understand my point, imagine your car. Generating leads is a lot like stepping on the accelerator. It’s an essential first step. But if your carburetor is broken, your fuel will vanish into thin air.

The same is true when you’re bogged down by unqualified leads, unreliable contractors, demanding underwriters, bad tenants, lawsuits, or general office chaos.

Every aspect of your business is like a component in your car’s engine.

If your engine isn’t fully functional, if any one component isn’t working right, then even an endless supply of motivated sellers won’t solve your problems.

Deals will disappear into thin air, like fuel pumped into a broken carburetor.

· Say goodbye to office chaos. Streamline your office routines. Stop feeling crushed by an overwhelming to-do list. Get your callbacks, loose ends, and paperwork handled promptly, reliably, and automatically.

· Stop wasting time on unmotivated sellers and marginal deals. Armed with a priceless phone script, a dirt-cheap answering service can find out how negotiable sellers are, how much equity they have, how much their houses are worth, and what the rehab costs are likely to be – all before you ever speak with them.

· Stop being buried alive by bills, contracts, and other papers. Duplicate my slam-dunk filing system so the documents you need most are always at your fingertips. Become a whiz at the paperwork involved when buying, selling, and lease optioning properties.

· Stop taking calls from sellers who lack the motivation or equity to give you great deals. With my time-saving breakthrough, you’ll separate the truly motivated from the time-wasters. You’ll never again lose hot deals because you were tied up on low priority phone calls.

If you buy and hold properties (or want to), you’ll also discover safety measures that’ll wipe out property management headaches. For example:

· Keep devious tenants from hijacking your hard-won assets. Discover the life-saving lease clauses that’ll protect you from lawsuits. Never get sued because you overlooked a crucial form or contract. Evict tenants with zero risk of being challenged or sued.

· Don’t get screwed by tenants who trash your rentals. Find out which collection agencies are the most aggressive.

· Screen out problem tenants before they get the keys to one of your rentals. Too many landlords get fooled by problem tenants who provide phony “landlord references” and rental histories. But with my foolproof Tenant Screening Checklist, even Homer Simpson could screen them out and be a property management whiz – and so can you.

· Evict tenants quickly and painlessly. When your evictions always hold up in court, you won’t have to make concessions or put up with problem tenants. You’ll radiate confidence, and your tenants will be afraid to jerk you around. Just follow the directions on my Bulletproof Eviction Checklist.

· Never get ripped off by contractors who don’t show up, disappear with your down payment money, or come back months later to finish your job at their leisure. Learn how the pros find trustworthy contractors and keep them on schedule.

· Never have your building supplies stolen by contractors. I know several rehabbers who’ve lost money in stolen supplies. Learn to reverse the risk of theft from you to your contractors.

Turnkey exit strategies

Retailing houses has great profit potential, but it comes with a big downside… You’ve got to carry the insurance, tax, and loan payments on each house for months while you market it and wait for the buyer’s loan to close.

· Stop letting your houses become leeches that suck away at your lifeblood. Wipeout your monthly expenses, no matter how long it takes to close escrow. Never again be crushed by mortgage payments while you market a house and wait for the buyer’s loan to fund.

·Capitalize on your banker’s natural biases. Learn two ways to put buyers into your houses before they apply for financing. Once they’re established owner-occupants with proven track records of making payments on time, their loan approvals are virtually guaranteed!

· Employ the staging secrets of successful investors.

· “Ninja” advertising secrets that’ll make your phone ring off the hook with qualified buyers.

·  Get top dollar by creating more competition for your houses. Use my foolproof Lease Option and Land Contract strategies to attract more buyers and explode the number of offers on your houses. These strategies rescue you from negative cash flows by filling your empty houses.

Turnkey hiring, firing, and management

Like most “little guys”, I used to run myself ragged. I took every phone call. I wrestled with my endless pile of bills, mail, and other paperwork. And I spent hours in my car, handling every negotiation and infield meeting with buyers, sellers, and contractors.

I was torn in too many directions. I felt overwhelmed, exhausted and burnt out.

Sure, I was reluctant to pass the reigns onto someone else. But with a growing pool of private lenders wanting to loan me money, I didn’t have time to find and buy the number of properties my business demanded. So I was forced to hire people.

Thankfully, I took that leap. It was truly one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Now I’m a huge believer in delegation, and I’ll show you how to:

· Find and train competent people to take the wheel. Learn to delegate negotiating, offer making, buying and selling houses, meeting with sellers and contractors in the field, and finding tenant/buyers to lease option your houses.

· Ultra-motivate your key people by paying for results. For example, I pay my acquisitions manager every time he buys or sells a property.  Learn how you too can compensate your key players for results.

· Hire a crackerjack office manager to handle all of your phone calls and emails from tenants, city agencies, utility companies, and contractors… plus, all of your mails, bills, and other paperwork.

· When is an office justified – and when is it financial suicide? If you work from home for too long, you limit the number and quality of employees you can hire. You cripple the growth of your business. But if you leave too soon, you could be crushed by the extra overhead. Learn the three mistakes you can’t afford to make when leasing your first office, and when the time is right to make your move.

Of course, hiring people is a double-edged sword. You need them to get ahead, but hiring brings new challenges. Not only will you learn from my mistakes. You’ll learn to nip employee problems in the bud before they ever show up. For example:

· Employees. Keep them from making personal calls, checking personal email, etc, while they’re on the clock working for you.

· Never again worry about employee theft or overcharges. Learn to do thorough background checks on job applicants, and keep close tabs on employees.

· New versus old employees… Who’s more likely to cheat you? The answer may surprise you. Learn to spot the warning signs and red flags.

· Systematize your routines with foolproof checklist and directions. Without these, employees will take a “Rambo” approach, doing things their own way. When someone quits, you won’t be able to replace them without first cleaning up the mess they left behind!

For example, in my early days as a manager, my bookkeeper posted many expenses to the wrong accounts. When she quit, I wound up paying my accountant $150/hour to clean up all of the mistakes!

That’s why my students have been begging me to share my turnkey systems.

Well here’s great news:

I’m finally stepping up to the plate with a risk-free program.

Now, unlike some boot camps that pile more to-do’s onto your list, this groundbreaking program will do just the opposite, it will free you from the endless phone calls, meetings, and to-do’s that drag you down like a ball-and-chain.

Put your real estate business on “automatic”, 

like the Cruise Control in your car

At my 3-day Super Conference – “Business In A Boot Camp”–you’ll become a whiz at streamlining and delegating all of your routines. For example: filing, paying bills, drawing up contracts, finding and financing deals, hiring and managing contractors, cashing out, and more.

Accept my offer today and discover how to:

· Turn your business into an engine that runs without you. Instantly profit from my slam-dunk marketing, management, financing, buying, and selling systems.

· Delegate 90% of your paperwork, office management, and other headaches… including phone calls and meetings with tenants, contractors, the city, permit department, etc.

· Rest assured that your employees and contractors will never mess up – because they’ll have idiot-proof checklist and systems.

·Wipe out office chaos and bypass the usual growing pains.

 Wipe out tenant headaches, screen out unqualified prospects, and much more.

You can instantly wipe out the guesswork, and delegate all of your office management with confidence. You can rest assured that your employees and contractors will not mess up

If you ever lease option your houses, I’ll show you how to hire someone – a “Mortgage Liaison” – to drive your tenant/buyers to the closing table.

This person is the liaison between your tenant/buyers and your loan broker. So she walks your tenant/buyers through the necessary paperwork, gets their signatures on the right documents, faxes them to your loan broker, and does whatever’s necessary to close escrow.

Since she’s on straight commission, and only gets paid when escrow closes, this makes her extremely motivated!

How much is this program worth? It was pretty easy to find out. All I had to do was visit the web site.

In case you’re not familiar, HomeVestors franchises a turnkey business (like McDonalds does). But instead of a restaurant, they franchise a real estate business, and they charge an upfront fee of thousands of dollars.

These fees left me with no doubt: real estate investors are extremely motivated to put their businesses on “automatic”!

My turnkey systems could be a franchise if I decided to put the additional effort into it. But right now, I’m interested in generating the first round of success stories, so I’m holding this 3-day event.

Your risk-free tuition for this awesome event is FREE.  A heck of a lot less than a franchise fee.

Have you ever left a conference feeling pumped up, but then lost momentum, or felt overwhelmed by all of the new projects and campaigns on your todo list?

If so, you’re not alone. Many people lose momentum because they have nobody to guide them. Others are slowed down by busywork from their personal lives. And some just don’t know where to start. Since I’m counting on your success, I can’t afford to let that happen.

I normally charge $5,000/day when clients put me on retainer.

And remember: even if an obstacle seems “big” to you, I’ve probably faced it a dozen times, so I can solve it in minutes.

Why trudge through years of training? Why piece it together little by little?

If you don’t participate in this risk-free mentoring program, how will you learn to streamline, automate, and delegate your endless workload?

How will you transform your business into a hands-free money machine?

I can only think of two other ways – and both are more expensive.

(1) You could buy a franchise.

(2) You could spend years gathering nuggets of wisdom from unrelated conferences, and try piecing them all together yourself.

For example, you could attend one Boot Camp on finding deals, one on creative financing, one on exit strategies, and one on employee management. But does that really make sense?

As someone who learned the ropes in bits and pieces (because I had no other choice), I’ve personally experienced the downsides of this approach:

1.    Most real estate trainers only teach deal-finding strategies. Very few can teach you how to turn your business into a hands-free money machine. That’s why the $9,666-per-year E-Myth coaching program was so valuable to me.

2.    Every conference costs you thousands of dollars, plus travel expenses. Becoming a “conference junkie” eats into your productivity and costs you family time.

3.    Aside from the financial cost, the growth of your business will be stalled for years. You’ll be at the mercy of trainers’ schedules, waiting months at a time to gather the next few missing pieces for your piecemeal education.

So why spend years plodding through endless seminars, conferences, and boot camps when this one comprehensive mentoring program can help put your business on “Cruise Control”?

It’s true that I also lead private money boot camps. But private money is a completely different curriculum.

Hard work alone won’t bring you time freedom

Without my systems for streamlining, automating, and delegating your routines, you might be able to generate a big income. But you’ll be paying for it with your life energy.

You’ll never find enough time in the day. You’ll never be able to work ON your business, instead of IN it. Your hard work and sacrifice won’t get you any closer to achieving time freedom.

If you register today, what have you got to lose?

Best case, you’ll streamline and automate your paperwork, phone calls, meetings, and other responsibilities. You’ll wipe out the guesswork, and delegate all of your office management with confidence.

Call 1-937-390-0816 right now to reserve your spot in this groundbreaking program before the program sells out.


 Alan Cowgill
P.S. “If you’re fortunate to participate in this groundbreaking program, you too can streamline and automate your paperwork, phone calls, and meetings. You can delegate your routines and responsibilities with confidence. You can rest assured that your employees will never mess up. And you can do it all risk-free.
Daily Topics
 Day One: 
Turnkey Aquisitions
During the first day of “Business In A Box Boot Camp” you’ll discover slam-dunk methods that bring desperate, negotiable sellers.

One of my methods is my 7 step program on how to acquire 5-7 properties per month with zero marketing cost and zero research time. This simple program alone could be your whole real estate business.

 Day Two: 
Turnkey Office Management
I’ll pull back the curtain on the powerful mortgage liaison position I created that makes cashing out lease option tenant/buyers a cinch.

Never again be sabotaged by surprise repairs. My camera-person, Pam, videotaped me during a home inspection. Using this “virtual tour” as a guide, I’ll train you to inspect houses, spot red flags, and sniff out ticking time bombs like an FBI-trained Labrador Retriever.
This is where most trainers drop the ball. And it’s why I’m devoting the entire second day to managing your office, workers, lenders, and tenants.

You’ll instantly benefit from my five years in The E-Myth coaching program – but without the $50,000 investment or the drawn out process.

 Day Three: 
Turnkey Exit Strategies
Even if an obstacle seems “big” to you, I’ve probably faced it a dozen times and if so I can solve it in minutes.

Detailed Implementation Plan provided!

These secrets alone will more than justify your tuition for this new program.
The best Boot Camp for setting up an office.

All investor needs this course. Information packet was well put together and helpful. Presentation was clear and put together in a concise manner.  
Alan and his staff are well versed in all aspect of the real estate business.
                                                                                                                                                       – Eric Elliott
                                                                                                                                                     Louisville, KY
Very informative. Just what a chaotic business needs! No stone was left unturned.
I truly believe I have EVERYTHING I need to organize my office to the point that I can hire an assistant and grow my business.
                                                                                                                                               – Brenda Simard
                                                                                                                                                Long Branch, MI
The details described in this boot camp are unlike anything I’ve every experienced. There are checklists for everything. Implementing Alan Cowgill’s system will be a huge time saver for my real estate investing business, I strongly recommend attending Alan Cowgill’s Business In A Box Boot Camp.
                                                                                                                                               – Robert Schmidt
                                                                                                                                                        Ames, Iowa
I recently attended Alan Cowgill’s Business In A Box boot camp in July-August 2008 and only have great things to say about it. As a full-time real estate investor, I found out the hard way that paperwork and administrative work didn’t just add up as I would buy properties but it would multiply. This is why I purchased Mr. Cowgill’s course and boot camp. 

I already have his Private Lending system and am quite satisfied with the high quality of his work so it seemed logical that his Business In A Box course and boot camp would be of similarly high quality. No surprises there as his materials continue to meet his high standards of excellence. Mr. Cowgill’s staff was very friendly and helpful in all aspects. Overall, a highly recommended course and boot camp for anyone who wants to treat real estate as a business and not just a hobby.
                                                                                                                                                     – Robert Kim
                                                                                                                                                          Aiken, SC
Alan’s Business In A Box Boot Camp provides the road map that any serious and motivated real estate investor needs to organize and take his/her business to a whole new level.
                                                                                                                                            – Chrystal Johnson
                                                                                                                                                   Pasadena, CA
You are a class act.
You have made my life so much easier with this Office Boot camp. My office is in chaos. I can’t wait till I get back & start implement this system. The “check-lists” alone will change my office structure.
You really covered all the leases. Very detailed.
Thank you for taking the time to do this.
                                                                                                                                                 – Christy Laurin
                                                                                                                                                      Howard, OH
We only decided to start investing in real estate 6 weeks ago. After learning about E. Alan Cowgill and his private lending program, we attended his boot camp on “Eliminate the Chaos”. We are now confident that our business will be a success thanks to Mr. Cowgill’s knowledge & willingness to share his knowledge.
                                                                                                                                               – Leslie Colombe
                                                                                                                                                   Rapid City, SD

Great Program. Worth my time and trip to Ohio…
                                                                                                                                       – Ronald F. Bergstrom
                                                                                                                                                Sacramento, CA
Fantastic Program! It has been what we needed to move our business forward toward success. Thank you!
Your team is great and have been very helpful and supportive.
                                                                                                                                              – Cynthia Captein
                                                                                                                                                Sacramento, CA
Fabulous nuts & bolts, step by step roadmap for success in the real estate industry.
                                                                                                                                                     –Ken Meyers
                                                                                                                                                 Chula Vista, CA

I have read time and time again if you want something bad enough look at those that have gone before you! That is why when I heard about you and what you have done I knew this is someone I want to know. It have only been three weeks that I have started my business and when I saw this system it was clear that I need this to get me started in the right direction the first time. This way I don’t have to go back and start over. Thanks for giving me the tools to get me started on the right path and keeping the chaos our of my business.
                                                                                                                                              – Chuck Colombe
                                                                                                                                                   Rapid City, SD
Alan’s Business In A Box Boot Camp was very educational and very well organized. The systems he teaches are invaluable. Very highly recommended.
                                                                                                                                                 – Robert H. Kim
                                                                                                                                                           Aiken, SC
It taught me the importance of creating system and procedures. To make your business run smooth. And allow you to walk away for a while with out your business suffering.
                                                                                                                                                 – James LaClair
                                                                                                                                                 Columbus, Ohio
As a first-time attendee of any type of “Boot Camp” this was great-
I comprehended much of the material despite my non-real estate background.
Alan was a great lecturer. I presumed he has “voice lessons” – “enunciation” was clear, loud, and so on.
                                                                                                                                                      – Jan B. Kim
                                                                                                                                                    Lewisburg, PA
I am thrilled I attended the Business In A Box Boot Camp. I feel it has gave me the knowledge need to turn large administrative tasks into small manageable “task packets” I can delegate to other folks while not worrying they won’t do it, “My Way”.

Thank You Alan!!!
                                                                                                                                       – James D. Buchanon
                                                                                                                                                 Jacksonville, FL
Great Seminar. Really enjoyed the speakers and information
Checklist and systems are the way
See you at you’re ‘Where To Get The Money’ event
                                                                                                                                            – Glen S. Lovelace
                                                                                                                                                       Danville, VA
I liked the systems he taught.
I also thought Alan ran a classy boot camp and answered all of our questions. I think that what I learned this weekend will take the confusion out of my life.
Thanks Alan.
                                                                                                                                                  – Tony Watkins
                                                                                                                                                     St. Louis, MO
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