Get The FACTS On Using Private Lenders In Your Real Estate Business? 
Alan Cowgill
Private Lending Expert
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Believe it or not... 
People new to real estate investing are often under the mistaken belief that they must rely on banks or hard money lenders to fund their businesses. 

Nothing could be further from the truth.     

An incredible alternative exists... 


Needless to say, I started using private lenders to 
finance my real estate business and that decision has truly changed my life.
Since then I’ve discovered 6 important reasons why real estate investors
absolutely need private lenders and now I want to share them with you! 

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to discover exactly what getting private lenders is so IMPORTANT.
Chapter One:  What Is A Private Lender?  
Chapter Two:  A Reliable Source of Funds  
Chapter Three:  A Cheaper Source of Funds  
Chapter Four:  No Opportunity Costs  
Chapter Five:  Freedom From Restrictions   
Chapter Six:  Speedier Funding   
Chapter Seven:  You’re The Terms-Maker   
Chapter Eight:  It’s A Win-Win Situation   

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